The shifting sands of SMART Technology As Bob Dylan noted back in 1964 “The times they are a changin’". Dylan effected his own form of revolution a year later when he plugged in his electric guitar and forever left the folk genre that made him…

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Should Artificial Intelligence (AI) be feared or embraced? Movies have always been a wonderful source for conceptualizating people’s thoughts on future technology. So many movies hinted at cellphone technology, visual electronica, transport of the future… “Back to the Future’s” hoverboard prediction got us all very…

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The growing pandemic of disenfranchised South Africans has been identified as the biggest single threat to South Africa’s future prosperity. One of the areas where this is particularly pronounced is in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). This imbalance that disproportionately affects…

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CZ Electronics is part of that African Innovation story. We are successful at innovation both as a company and within our product portfolio. The desire to keep much needed technical expertise on the continent drove CZ to create components and products that were comparable to…

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By now you must have heard our country’s leaders and captains of industry use the term ‘Black Industrialisation’. This is not just another buzz word or catch phrase. It’s a philosophy and drive that is at the centre of the South African government’s National Development…

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SMART SOLUTION Android TV by CZ Electronics. CZ’s Smart Home solution turns every home into a Smart Home – Use Google Assist to help you conquer all those things on your plate, remotely control hundreds of automated functions throughout the home, stream the latest movies,... Read More

Decoder Manufacturing

DECODER MANUFACTURING CZ Electronics has established itself as Africa’s dominant digital decoder manufacturer. A matrix of high-quality engineering, best of breed technology platforms and globally competitive economies of scale create potent value proposition for end-consumers across the continent. Unlocking digital Television broadcasts has never been... Read More


EXTRAS PVR SOLUTIONS CZ Electronics have also developed a high-quality PVR solutions for ETV which will be launched in Q4 2018. The PVR products will provide end-consumers the flexibility of tailored viewing programs that have so far only been available on premium digital solutions. ANDROID... Read More


OUR COMMITMENT We’re committed to manufacturing world class products, making full use of the skills and resources available right here in South Africa. Investing in the best technology available, creating employment and retaining skills is the platform we use to develop great products for the... Read More