By now you must have heard our country’s leaders and captains of industry use the term ‘Black Industrialisation’. This is not just another buzz word or catch phrase. It’s a philosophy and drive that is at the centre of the South African government’s National Development Plan and Industrial Policy Action Plan.

And it speaks to the heart of CZ Electronics’ values and DNA.

For various reasons, manufacturing is one of the least empowered sectors in South Africa. The most critical of these are the financial barriers to access and participation and a shortage of skilled black industrialists in this field. It was to this end that the South African government launched the The Black Industrialist Policy (BIP) and Black Industrialist Scheme (BIS). Its purpose is to increase a number of black-led management and involvement in order for them to control the value chains and encourage others to come forward.

At the launch of the BIP/BIS in 2016, Rob Davies – then Minister of Trade and Industry – opined that South Africa will not be able to industrialise unless it simultaneously includes Black Industrialists in the economy on a sustainable basis. He added that the future of the economy is in the manufacturing sector and the inclusion of the black industrialists in it has to be encouraged.

South Africa’s future lies in moving up the value chain and industrialisation and we need to do it in a way that promotes economic inclusion.

CZ Electronics – although not a product of the BIP/BIS- is by virtue of its industry and leadership in that industry, ownership and composition, the embodiment of this BIP initiative. We take great pride in this and understand that we have a role to play in support of our government’s efforts to make this happen. It’s a role we take very seriously.

When we say that we’re Bringing Tomorrow Home we do exactly that; not just in our products but also in our role as a corporate citizen and a Black Industrialist leader.


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