CZ Electronics is part of that African Innovation story.

We are successful at innovation both as a company and within our product portfolio.

The desire to keep much needed technical expertise on the continent drove CZ to create components and products that were comparable to world standards and not merely the best SA has to offer.

Our investment in machinery, training and quality control has been innovative and driven by a desire to have a competition of none – a leader in our field.

Our products are cutting edge and have achieved the ultimate balance between the highest possible quality and most competitive value proposition. The thought that SA could compete with the world’s best in the highly competitive arena of consumer electronics was unthinkable just a few years ago.

The African Innovation success story is born out of necessity; necessity being the mother of invention. Africa innovates to solve problems and to bring solutions. In that way Africa leads the way in mobile money and new drone technology. Africa looks to technology to catalyse new areas of growth, a good example being East Africa, with Rwanda and Kenya in particular championing the need for an enabling environment.

Africa is the birthplace of civilisation. This continent was the starting point of the world as we know it. Africa was and always has been a leader. And we’re leading again…in innovation. There’s a growing trend of Africa being, and being recognised as, technology generators rather than just adopters. And in our field, CZ Electronics is leading the way.

Technology innovation is just another way that CZ Electron is Bringing Tomorrow Home.


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