By now you must have encountered these terms and if you read the newspapers, listen to the news or radio talk shows or watch TV you must be quite familiar with these terms.
But do you know what they mean and why they are in the news?

Well, CZ Electronics is here to help!

DTT stands for digital terrestrial television (or digital terrestrial transmission). It refers to the terrestrial broadcasting of television in a digital format. Currently, terrestrial television in South Africa is broadcast in an analogue format. The country is in the process of planning and implementing migration from analogue to digital broadcasting. Terrestrial television uses a network of transmission towers to relay the signal across the country whereas analogue signal is transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves. This is not a very efficient way of broadcasting. A digital signal can be compressed which multiple video channels can be broadcast using the same frequency for just one analogue signal.

The frequency on which a signal is broadcast falls within a spectrum and it’s here where we run into problems. A spectrum is a finite resource; meaning there are only so many frequencies on a spectrum. It makes sense then that we use this resource more effectively and that’s why South Africa has joined the rest of the world in the migration to DTT.

The Set Top Box (STB) – also called a decoder – is a receiver that will decode the digital signal to enable the channels to be displayed on your analogue television set. This Set Top Box will plug directly into your TV set. A Set Top Box is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of a new digital TV. The cost of a new TV is prohibitive for many people and STBs will save them from having to incur that cost without having to forgo the pleasure of watching television.

CZ Electronics has established itself as Africa’s dominant digital decoder manufacturer. We have manufactured in excess of 500,000 digital decoders since production began. Our expertise in this field is unsurpassed – we have adapted our products to suits local operating conditions and consumer demands. CZ manufactured decoders offer peace of mind to consumers throughout the continent and can be found at most major retailers within South Africa.

Our affordable range of decoders brings Digital Terrestrial Television to the people. It’s just another way in which CZ Electronics is Bringing Tomorrow Home.


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