The shifting sands of SMART Technology

As Bob Dylan noted back in 1964 “The times they are a changin’". Dylan effected his own form of revolution a year later when he plugged in his electric guitar and forever left the folk genre that made him famous.

SMART technology, specifically SMART TV technology, is going through a similar “plug in” revolution.

At the heart of this shift in SMART technology’s landscape is the issue of lifespan.

The concept of a SMART TV was a noble one – marry software development progress with content consumption. Enable end users to seamlessly integrate streamed content with traditional TV broadcasts and add the benefit of the internet-of-things to define what was possible in the “home of the future”.

The problem is the lifespan of hardware vs. software.

A consumer should rightfully expect their TV to last for at least three to five years given the capital expenditure and the purpose they expect it to fulfil.

Software development and “app-ification” moves at the speed of sound by comparison. Remember BBM? Or Myspace? Long lost relics of the fast-paced digital world? BBM was only killed off in March 2019.

Software built into a piece of hardware expected to last years, will be obsolete within months.

With the shelf lives of the respective technology at odds with each other, what is the way forward? CZ Electronics, along with most of the world’s other TV manufacturers, has adopted a balanced approach to this unique phenomenon.

Due in part to local market demands, we continue to manufacture high-quality and affordable SMART and non-SMART televisions. Whilst doing so we are playing a leading role in developing world-class plugin solutions such as Android-approved media boxes, smart home technologies and other streaming solutions on par with the best available worldwide.

It's a something-for-everyone approach to ensure nobody need suffer against the relentless progress of technology.

This dual approach to technology development addresses consumer demand and increases consumer options. Furthermore, CZ’s inbuilt manufacturing capacity and technological capability means we are Africa’s leading proponent in this area of development.

Far be it from us to suggest a different paraphrase to a Nobel Laureate, but perhaps Mr. Dylan’s 1964 classic would have more accurate if it had been titled “The times are constantly a

Technology promises a better future, and CZ is at the forefront of bringing that promise home.


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