Cheaper By The Inch

Quick – name one thing you can think of that’s actually gotten better AND cheaper over the years?

Using some of the available data and applying period correct exchange rates, the price of Televisions worldwide has plummeted over the years. Let’s look back over the last few years, and for added context we’ve worked out an Price-Per-Square-Inch (PPSI) ratio.

In 1997 you could buy a normal (read old fashioned) TV that would set you back about R 3,800. Given the size of the TV – that equated to a ppsi of approximately R 5,83.

Then the first plasma TV’s were launched internationally in the same year and as with any new tech, prices were eye-watering with a Philips / Fujitsu plasma costing a whopping R 22,924 or R 30.45 ppsi!

Fast-forward 10 years to 1997 and TV tech had normalized, with a standard flat screen TV costing you about R 16,500 or R 15.46 ppsi.

Now, with TV technology so readily available (excluding the high-end 8k and 16k resolutions just finding their way to the market) an average, good quality LED TV will set you back around R 6,000 or R 4.64 ppsi.

This price comparison is interesting, but when you throw in things like media streaming, picture clarity, IoT and sound improvements, the downward pricing over the years is remarkable.

These stats further underline CZ Electronics strategy of making high-quality, technically adept, good-value televisions all the more convincing.


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