Lockdown Level 3: What You Can and Can’t do

As the phased approach to going back to life as normal in SA continues, following the most recent address by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday, 24 May; not everybody is completely sure about what Lockdown Level 3 will mean in terms of their daily activities.

One thing that does remain unchanged is that, even though many will be returning to work, social visits to friends and family remain prohibited, though the evening curfew of 8pm to 5am has been lifted.

So, it’s likely that for a while yet, when we aren’t working, we’ll have to keep busy at home. For more ideas on how to do that, see some of our previous blogs here and on our sister AIM site here.

For now, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts as we enter Lockdown Level 3.

The Don’ts 

Let’s start with the bad news, because ending on a positive note just seems to work better. Lockdown Level 3 is not quite business as usual in many ways, unfortunately. Here are some of the things that remain out of bounds:

Haircuts and beauty treatments – It’s time to break out the clippers, scissors and manicure kits at home, because personal grooming services like hairdressers and beauticians are still no-go areas.

Gyms – Home exercise is still the way it has to be for now, as gyms are considered high-risk areas.

Conferences and conventions – As all public and social gatherings are still banned, it may be a while before you head to a show or conference again.

Tobacco – It’s been a topic of much debate, but it’s still a no-no at Level 3.

Interprovincial travel – For now, we have to stay in the provinces we’re in.

The Do’s

It’s not all bad news. Here’s what will be allowed as of 1 June, when Lockdown Level 3 commences:

Exercise – During Lockdown Level 4, exercise was only allowed between 6am and 9am every day. At level 3, these restrictions don’t apply anymore, and you may exercise at any time of day.

Business and retail – The president said, “Most sectors of the economy will return to work under lockdown Level 3, subject to observance of strict health protocols and physical distancing rules”. So, that means it’s likely that most of the country will return to work. This includes spaza shops and retail stores.

Business travel – Though there are restrictions on travel generally, travel for business under strict conditions will be allowed again, though the tourism sector remains closed.

Alcohol – Also a hotly debated topic during Lockdown, alcohol sales will be permitted during specified times.

Home entertainment is always allowed

For a more detailed breakdown of Level 3 regulations, take a look at a few of the infographics provided by the SABC on their website. And remember, you can always stay connected to your home and business world with CZ Electronics.

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