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At CZ Electronics, a great customer experience is the cornerstone of our relationships with our partners, who resell our proudly local products to their customer base with confidence. So, what makes a great customer experience? There are two key factors that make the customer journey more pleasurable, helping cultivate better long-term relationships and loyalty: personal interaction and after-sales support.

Customer Experience is key

Studies have shown that businesses with successful customer experience (CX) strategies achieve higher customer satisfaction. This breeds loyalty and, quite simply put, return business. So, where does a good customer experience begin?

Customer experience and customer service are often used as interchangeable terms. But this is not the case. In fact, customer service is just one link in the chain, although it is an important one. Customer experience encompasses the entire customer journey – from first contact, through sales touchpoints to delivery and then after-sales service.

These are all parts of the CX whole that make for a satisfying or unsatisfying customer journey. And all the different components that make up a good CX are precisely what make constructing a CX strategy so challenging.

Interaction 2.0

Like most things in our ever-changing, digitally-driven world, customer experience has changed. We have seen a rise in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other tools that help streamline the customer’s journey. While these tools have massively helped many organisations in managing their customers’ expectations effectively, there is one element that should never be forgotten: humanity.

While bots and algorithms help, no one can truly build a relationship with a machine. A great customer experience is always enhanced by the added benefit of having a real person on standby to help if needed. And long-term relationships and loyalty come from one-on-one, person-to-person interactions. At CZ electronics, this philosophy is the foundation of our partnerships and it has proved to be highly effective.

Service after the fact

Customer experience does not stop when the product has been sold – particularly when dealing in electronics or any other product with moving parts that often require service or customer support after sale. After-sales support is the final step in customer experience that inspires long-term loyalty and may prompt the customer to keep coming back for me. It is the differentiator that helps your business outshine the competition, because beyond selling products, follow through is the key to success.

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