Cheaper By The Inch

Cheaper By The Inch Quick – name one thing you can think of that’s actually gotten better AND cheaper over the years? Using some of the available data and applying period correct exchange rates, the price of Televisions worldwide has plummeted over the years. Let’s... Read More

Safe To Watch

Safe To Watch To anybody of a certain vintage, you would have heard a parent gloomily declare “Sitting too close to the TV will damage your eyes” Well, the root of this old wives’ tale is a line of televisions manufactured by General Electric in... Read More

Teenagers and technology

TEENAGERS AND TECHNOLOGY  It’s not all bad news The newspaper headlines often paint a very grim picture of teenagers’ interaction with technology. The message to parents is that they should fear all this technology. It’s not all bad news though for parents and teenagers. There... Read More

Agile Innovation

Agile Innovation STAY COMPETITIVE The electronics industry the world over has gone through innumerable changes over the last few years. Electronic manufacturers here in South Africa have not been immune to this seismic shift either and you need an agile approach to business to stay... Read More


– The promise of “the home of tomorrow” is by no means a new concept. While this ‘home of tomorrow’ may have been something as simple as a vacuum cleaner or Frigidaire (yes, it was a thing) in the early 20th Century, things have moved…

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The shifting sands of SMART Technology As Bob Dylan noted back in 1964 “The times they are a changin’”. Dylan effected his own form of revolution a year later when he plugged in his electric guitar and forever left the folk genre that made him…

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Should Artificial Intelligence (AI) be feared or embraced? Movies have always been a wonderful source for conceptualizating people’s thoughts on future technology. So many movies hinted at cellphone technology, visual electronica, transport of the future… “Back to the Future’s” hoverboard prediction got us all very…

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