With 15W x 2 RMS output power on its satellite speakers and 30W RMS with a 40-150Hz response on its sub woofer, plus multiple connection options including Bluetooth, to support a variety of sources, this powerful unit delivers 3000W Peak Music Power Output (PMPO).


Output Power: 15W x 2 RMS
Sub woofer: 30W RMS
Sub woofer: 40Hz ~ 150Hz
P.M.P.O: 3000W
Power Supply: AC220 ~ 250V/50Hz
S/N Sub woofer: ≥78 dB
Weight: 6.8kg 


Speaker Unit: 3” x 2
Sub woofer: 5,25”
Frequency Response: 150Hz ~ 20Khz
Size Sub woofer: 170mm (W) x 320mm (D) x 310mm (H)
Size Satellite: 115mm (W) x 110mm (D) x 200mm (H)
Dimension: 300mm (L) x 242mm (W) x 467mm (H)

Inputs & Outputs

Bluetooth/USB/SD Card/AUX
FM Tuner + Remote control

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