Back to Work in level 3: Not Quite Business as Usual Yet

On Monday, 1 June, South Africa entered the next phase of lockdown: Level 3. Level 3 sees most people returning to work following two months of hard lockdown at Level 4 and Level 5. But what can we expect at Level 3?

It’s anything but business as usual, with strict guidelines in place to keep COVID-19 infections at bay.

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What does level 3 mean at your office?

According to government, “most” businesses may return to work. But the onus is on companies to make sure the necessary restrictions are maintained to keep workers safe. This means limited interaction with co-workers, customers, suppliers and anyone else involved in your business.

Businesses that require close physical contact are still not allowed to operate, though exceptions are being made for some essential services. Where possible, remote work is still encouraged – even though at this stage, most of the country is all too happy to get out of the house.

Yes, if you are able to work from home and your company permits it, even if it pains you, that is still being advised as the best course of action. “Contactless” business is still priority one under Level 3.

Keep your distance

The workplace you’re returning to is likely to be quite different from when you left, as hand sanitising stations and PPE are now requirements that have to be adhered to. And if you sat close to your colleagues in the open plan office before, that is going to be a thing of the past. A distance of 1.5 metres must now be maintained.

You probably missed your colleagues and will be dying to shake hands with them or give them a hug. But this kind of contact is entirely forbidden in the new corona-friendly workplace. You’ll have to settle for a friendly “elbow bump” as so skilfully demonstrated by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

We’re back!

CZ Electronics is excited to be returning to (almost) business as usual, as the nation finds their regular rhythm again at Level 3. And we are committed to fighting the spread of COVID-19 in our manufacturing and office facilities.

We have put all the necessary measures in place to ensure that our team remains healthy and safe, so that they are able to continue delivering quality sound and visual products to our valued partners.

CZ Electronics manufactures a selection of quality electronics for various industries. Explore the CZ Electronics product catalogue or get in touch to find out more.

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