In an economy that is feeling the effects of COVID-19, good news has become more valuable than ever. And CZ Electronics is hopeful that there is a lot of good news to come for South African communities who need employment.

With unemployment on the rise, both locally and internationally, job creation is needed on a grand scale. And CZ Electronics hopes to Bring Tomorrow Home by creating employment for some of the people in South Africa who need it most.

Ulwazi Empowerment

CZ Electronics is proudly South African. And at the core of the company’s values is an inclusive approach to business. CZ’s skills and development training programmes largely target black South African women, providing them with on-the-job training and employment, along with opportunities for further learning and career advancement.

The CZ Ulwazi Empowerment Initiative aims to give disenfranchised South Africans a “fighting chance” at improving circumstances for them and their families. This will create a knock-on effect that will help the economy grow. Following lockdown measures and the effects they have had on poorer communities in particular, it’s needed more than ever at this time.

Of the 300 employees at CZ electronics, most of them are black women – historically one of South Africa’s most underrepresented groups in the employment landscape. CZ Electronics hopes to address that, both in the short and long-term.

Why empowerment is important

South Africa’s unemployment rate is currently at around 30.1%. And it’s a number that may well rise following COVID-19, in an economy that will be pushing hard to recover. Job creation is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to revitalise the economy, as with many businesses facing closure, many more people will be looking for employment.

At CZ Electronics, we believe that there is true value in providing South Africans with the knowledge and tools they need to empower themselves. This will help more people support their families and contribute to the economy.

Plus, in creating an inclusive working environment, we are confident that the quality of the products we produce will also consistently improve.

Quality manufacturing for, and by, South Africans

CZ Electronics manufactures quality electronics – including TVs, sound, decoders and more. All manufacturing takes place locally and, wherever possible, South African suppliers are used to boost further input into the country’s economy.

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