As HR Manager at CZ Electronics, Rochelle van Heerden is at the helm of the company’s sustainable staffing policies. And as the driving force behind Human Resources department, Rochelle takes a different approach to hiring team members – one that always puts empowerment first.

The CZ family

“CZ truly values it’s employees,” says Rochelle. She continues, “To some, that may sound like a cliché. But I truly feel that CZ is, in many ways, almost like a ‘family’. We celebrate success together and offer extra support whenever an employee needs it. Everybody is treated with respect and valued for their contribution.  

“We have quite a number of employees who have long years of service and could regale you with tales of their earlier years with CZ and how the company has evolved and grown. When we hire new employees, we seek out very specific values in them. We look for passion, enthusiasm and initiative, with strong ethics and a willingness to learn and develop within the company. 

Empowering people

“We look for people who are driven and committed to be an important part of CZ, who will contribute to its continued success in the long-term. And an absolutely essential, pivotal driving force for us is empowerment for each employee. CZ is continuously enriching employees through workplace training, to foster excellence, and also mentoring developing team members.

“We also pay for employees to study at relevant external tertiary institutions. Staff development is a major asset to CZ and we absolutely encourage all our employees to grow within our company.

“There are so many success stories about CZ staff who have excelled; too many to mention them all here. But one that springs to mind is about an employee who started as an operator, then became a supervisor and is now being mentored to be a manager. The company has just recently paid for him to study Production Management, to further enhance his career opportunities”. 

Continued growth from within

As CZ Electronics continues to expand operations – in South Africa and throughout the continent – the company remains people-driven; employing mostly previously disadvantaged women and creating opportunities for growth within the company. CZ Electronics team members are the company’s true asset, and are set to drive the company to ongoing success.


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