With the new year upon us, the CZ Electronics team looks ahead at what 2021 may have in store. While the COVID-19 vaccine is gradually being rolled out, the world is still a long way off from going back to the “normal” we used to know, and social distancing remains a priority.


The rise of tech

Under various levels of lockdown last year, technology took centre stage. And where most companies were negatively affected by lockdown, gaming, software, tech and digital communication companies saw massive rises in revenue.

2020 was a year that had more people in front of their computers, TVs and smart devices as they were forced to remain indoors to avoid infection. Digital communication and working remotely with the aid of technology became commonplace, whereas before, it was largely something that most companies would not accept.


Remote working – the new norm

The global mindset has changed. And in 2021, we’re likely to see many companies embracing remote or hybrid working models far more readily. Remote working models can cut down on costs for employers, as there is no longer the need for larger premises and it also enhances quality of life for employees.

Many of the lessons that were forced upon us last year due to the outbreak of the pandemic, will be put into practice in 2021. Face-to-face meetings will probably remain the exception in the coming year – and possibly even after that, as meeting digitally cuts down on travel time and costs.


More collaboration

Despite the distance, in many ways, the pandemic brought people closer together. Working digitally allows you to collaborate and connect beyond geographical boundaries. Many events last year went virtual and suddenly became more inclusive than they had ever been before, as it didn’t matter where in the world anyone was, they could attend in the cloud.

2021 is likely to see more collaboration across borders, as digital communication continues to break barriers.


Tomorrow has already arrived

At CZ Electronics, we will continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of the ever-growing, fast changing and fascinating world of technology. We will embrace new manufacturing processes and keep supplying our partners with quality products and components in 2021 and beyond. And as the world keeps changing around us, so we will adapt and change with it.


CZ Electronics – Bringing Tomorrow Home.


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