CZ Electronics is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (or OEM) that manufactures and distributes audio-visual and electronic products and components for various partners in South Africa and other SADC countries. Among CZ’s better-known brands is AIM, manufactured exclusively for Pick n Pay. There are various benefits to using a locally based OEM. To clarify, here are a few of the top reasons partnering with an OEM like CZ Electronics just makes sense.

Fast turnaround

Proximity matters. Making use of a locally based OEM as opposed to an international supplier means faster delivery times and immediate support. As products are assembled locally, parts are readily available and there is minimal waiting time on service and repairs.

Freedom of choice 

At CZ Electronics, we often work with our customers to create bespoke products based on their ideas, bringing their vision to life through custom design and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in our factory.

Value for money

Local manufacturing and assembly mean that we are able to keep our products affordable while maintaining the same consistent level of quality. This can help generate real returns on investment for our partners who take our products to market.


You can rest assured that every product we manufacture is supported by a warranty of between one and three years, depending on the nature of the product. Warranties cover any out-of-box defects or faults.

A personal touch

All of CZ’s partners have a direct pipeline to CZ’s leadership team. This free flow of communication ensures that we maintain strong working relationships with all our partners and are able to cultivate a clear understanding of their needs.

Empowering local people

CZ Electronics is a truly South African company with South African values and an inclusive approach to business. CZ’s empowerment programme focuses mainly on black South African women, providing them with on-the-job training and employment, along with opportunities for further learning and career advancement.

In a time when economic empowerment is needed more than ever and unemployment is on the rise, we believe that providing a platform for South Africans to grow is a matter of duty.


CZ Electronics – Bringing Tomorrow Home.


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