At CZ Electronics, we always keep a finger on the pulse of the latest manufacturing trends, and we adapt to the latest ways of working on an ongoing basis, to ensure that the products we manufacture are world-class, every time. In an ever-changing world – particularly following a life-changing 2020 for everyone – we take a look at four of the trends that will shape 2020 in manufacturing.

Safety first

The pandemic reshaped the whole world. And manufacturing processes had to change to factor in stringent health and safety measures in order to curb infection rates. And even as vaccines begin to roll out globally, the process will be time consuming. We are far from in the clear yet. And beyond the pandemic, in order to prevent a similar outbreak in the future, safety measures – at least to a degree – are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Going local

As unemployment sweeps the globe, many countries are looking inward to create more job opportunities locally, and to boost economies affected by various lockdown measures. At CZ Electronics, we put South Africans first. In the wake of an ongoing unemployment crisis, we believe in providing opportunities for previously disadvantaged local people in need of employment.

The CZ Ulwazi Empowerment initiative creates employment opportunities within the company – primarily for black South African women. Aside from on-the-job training and employment, the initiative also provides ongoing training and upliftment as an ongoing platform for career growth.

Sustainable solutions

As United States President Joe Biden once again takes America into the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, carbon emissions are taking centre stage and the rest of the world is standing up to notice. There is likely to be a global shift towards more sustainable manufacturing processes and fewer emissions. The manufacturing industry is the world’s greatest contributors to carbon emissions. And as sustainability becomes more regulated and necessary, the industry is finding new ways of cutting down on pollution and waste.

The tech boom

2020 saw digital communication and remote working take the world by storm. And it isn’t stopping there. New technology has accelerated the fourth industrial revolution at an unprecedented rate. Artificial intelligence, robotics and improved communication infrastructure are making processes more seamless than ever before. Automatic diagnostics systems are making machine maintenance easier and output is increasing, as various new technologies become integrated into manufacturing across the board.

The OEM that moves with the times

CZ Electronics is a South African-based Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with a mission to build the South African economy and enrich local people by creating products specifically suited to local business and consumers. Together, with our proud partners, we aim to build local manufacturing, adopting the latest processes and techniques. As the times move, so do we.


CZ Electronics – Bringing Tomorrow Home.


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