CZ Electronics is a South African-based OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that distributes and manufactures audio-visual and technological solutions for partners throughout South Africa and in the SADC countries. And as the fourth industrial revolution gains momentum following rapid technological advancement during the pandemic, we examine a few of the standout factors set to drive businesses in the year ahead and beyond.

Knowledge is power

The world is more interconnected than ever. And billions of people have become connected by mobile devices and digital communication platforms. Cloud storage is rapidly taking over from terrestrial servers and computer processing power is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Access to knowledge has become unlimited. And in terms of sharing knowledge, geography is no longer a factor. Webinars and virtual meetings have become the norm. In manufacturing terms, this provides companies like CZ Electronics with instant access to manufacturing expertise from around the globe. Learning is easier than it’s ever been before, and the world’s knowledge is growing at a rapid pace.

Imagination coming to life 

Had you mentioned the concept of 3D printing to anyone 20 or so years ago, they may have thought you were referring to something out of a science fiction novel. Now, 3D printing processes are bringing products, parts and components into the real world. Artificial intelligence is enhancing manufacturing by automating systems – and completing them in a fraction of the time, without human error. The Internet of Things is connecting devices in offices, homes and factories, making communication a more natural than it’s ever been. We live in an age where life truly imitates art. And perhaps we should be taking more notice of those seemingly fantastic fictional ideas to imagine what might be to come.

Instant gratification

In a digital world, everything is moving faster. Digital processes have sped up manufacturing and products and services are being enhanced by AI, nanotechnology, biotech and a wealth of other emerging norms.

For CZ Electronics, technology is a driving force – not only in the products we produce but in our processes. Every day, we investigate processes that can speed up manufacturing and improve the quality of our output, integrating new methods on an ongoing basis, for fast, seamless delivery.

What comes next?

The only limit to what the revolution will bring us next is imagination. In many ways, reality has become stranger than fiction. But at CZ Electronics, imagination is at the of what we do. Here’s to more exciting developments in the years to come. Who knows what we might see next?


CZ Electronics – Bringing Tomorrow Home.



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