CZ Electronics is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of choice for a variety of esteemed partners including Pick n Pay, for whom we exclusively produce AIM products. Since TV first became commercially available, technology has moved in leaps and bounds. And where UHD technology was highly expensive when it first hit the market, it has become rapidly more affordable in recent years.

From HDR to UHD – What’s the difference?

HDR (High-Dynamic Range offers brighter colours and a sharper image than older SD (Standard Definition) TVs. And these sets are compatible with many of the HDR TV shows and movies on Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services.

FHD (full High-Definition) provides an image with a 1,920 x 1,080-pixel rating, for brighter Blu-ray, better streaming and seamless movement. This crisper image is highly dynamic and big on detail. Plus, most modern movies and TV shows are shot in FHD, making it the perfect fit for most current media.

UHD (Ultra High-Definition) is the next generation in picture quality. This picture standard doubles up on FHD resolution, providing a stunning 3,840 x 2,160-pixel rating. That means that, even if you’re closer to the screen, colour and definition remains crisp and clear. And even minute details become sharper. UHD brings you an even more lifelike TV experience than FHD, which is already crisp and clear.

Real HD just became more accessible

At CZ Electronics, we locally produce a range of audio-visual products specifically for the African market. And part of that comprehensive product selection includes a range of HDR, FHD and UHD TVs, plus the Elsys Android Smarty Dongle, which turns any TV into a talking smart TV. Browse our catalogue to find the product that is suited to your business, or get in touch so that we can help you create a bespoke solution for you.


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