CZ Electronics – Leading from the top

At CZ Electronics, our management team is driven by a wealth of business and technical expertise in the commercial and electronics production environment. Manufacturing, testing, project and quality management are all overseen by qualified professionals with an innovative approach to leadership and processes.


A turnkey manufacturing solution

CZ Electronics has an open-door policy that facilitates a collaborative process with all the partner companies it manufactures and distributes products for. In a world that is driven by fast advances and technology, the CZ Electronics team delivers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services to a variety of top retailers and other manufacturers, in South Africa and pan-Africa.

At the heart of CZ Electronics is a passion for developing people, solving problems and developing new ideas that drive manufacturing processes into the future. Creative thinking is the key to bringing customers’ product visions to life and the company prides itself on being at the forefront of new manufacturing techniques.


Manufacturing in motion

CZ Electronics is actively moving towards a more efficient, sustainable manufacturing and management process that is innovative, inclusive, collaborative and sustainable. The CZ Electronics team believes in creating equal growth opportunities for all South Africans and driving the South African economy forward when it is needed most. The pandemic has accelerated the need for truly South African solutions to South African problems – such as unemployment and increasing the gross national product.

CZ Electronics is fostering a collaborative business environment that it hopes will serve as an inspiration to its peers and will keep South Africa moving – in the pandemic and beyond.

CZ Electronics – Bringing Tomorrow Home.

Manufacturing South Africa

Electronics South Africa

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