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At CZ Electronics, we have stayed ahead of the curve as the world has shifted ways of working to accommodate the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. And many of the trends that emerged during lockdown may be here to stay. Re-evaluating processes and maximising efficiency on an ongoing basis are constants, and we are committed to evolving as the world around us does.

Adjusting to the new world

The ever-changing economic lndscape, accelerated by COVID-19 has potentially changed the market forever. The world has become more mobile, and communication has become less dependent on geographical location.

With any crisis, there is always a positive side. And in the case of the pandemic, that side may arguably have been the rapid acceleration of remote and hybrid working, driven forward by seamless digital communication.

In manufacturing and many other industries alike, where the concept of having people work from anywhere may have seemed completely foreign before, this new flexibility has made busines models more versatile. The working world has now accepted that most employees can be accountable from a distance. Companies are using this trend to make the best of their office space, and in some cases, even deploy their entire workforce remotely, rather than having fixed premises.

Internationally connected

Besides working remotely, the world’s new mindset has made international collaboration more of a reality than ever before. It has become a natural conclusion to connect to international resources, counterparts and colleagues and collaborate via digital communication channels without any interruption.

For CZ Electronics, this new reality has made it easier to collaborate with international partners, stay abreast of the latest manufacturing developments and identify optimised workflow models of an international standard. In terms of manufacturing processes across the board, this has facilitated a rapid acceleration in optimised output, quality control methods and ultimately, new heights of quality and efficiency.

A finger on the pulse of the new normal

Many things may have been irrevocably changed during the pandemic. But change is nothing to be feared if it adds value to workflow, efficiency, or processes. At CZ Electronics, we constantly reinvent and innovate product solutions that fit the “new normal” and service the ever-changing market in the most relevant possible ways. And as the fourth industrial revolution continues to unfold around us, we adapt as a leader in local manufacturing, to keep up and to thrive, for South Africans, by South Africans.

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