CZ Electronics – Electronics in 2021

The digital revolution is in full swing. And original equipment manufacturers (OEM) like CZ Electronics are maintaining the pace to stay ahead in the highly competitive world of electronics manufacturing.

The bar has been raised in terms of quality and technology. TVs, audio products and other electronics solutions are currently worth around $3 trillion in global revenue. And the ever-growing market is changing every day as new trends emerge.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Everything is more connected in the new world. Different devices on the same networks “talk” to each other, making interconnected homes and offices more comfortable and easy to control at the touch of a button.

“Smart” is the new buzz word. Smart devices connect to Smart appliances and control is in the palm of your hand at the touch of a button. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity have made it possible for devices to communicate – like the Elsys Smarty Android TV Dongle and the Homatics Box Q – both Android-driven Smart home entertainment solutions that support Google Chromecast functionality and Bluetooth connectivity for Smart control.

Automation comes to life

Robotics are not just science fiction anymore. In fact, robotics and automated processes are becoming commonplace in manufacturing around the world. OEMs use robotic solutions like automated robotic arms to speed up processes. And a different type of robot is being used for communication purposes.

Simple queries are now often resolved by “bots” – artificially intelligent communication systems that provide answers to common questions that are asked by customers and other stakeholders. This cloud-based “robot” is maximising efficiency and freeing up people to handle more complicated queries and tasks.

The expansion of AI

Bots encompass just one element of artificial intelligence that is taking manufacturing by storm. AI is now being employed to identify gaps in efficiency, based on algorithms and calculations that analyse processes automatically, so that manufacturers can get the most out of their production lines.

The future has arrived. And OEM is taking on a new identity at the forefront of innovation, making technology more accessible to people everywhere. For CZ Electronics, new processes are making electronics more affordable, putting premium products within reach of average people in South Africa, while boosting the local economy in a time when it is needed most.

CZ Electronics – Bringing Tomorrow Home.

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