Hybrid working – the new norm?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home became a necessity. And CZ Electronics, like most other organisations, had to adapt and reinvent ways of working to fit in with the new norm.

Now, after months of lockdown, people have returned to their offices. But work may never be the same again. Many employers have discovered that remote working provides staff members with better work-life balance and, in many instances, enhances productivity. Still, facetime at the office is an important factor under certain circumstances. The compromise? Hybrid working – a new working model that is taking the world by storm.

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid workflow is a combination of remote working and office-bound working. Using technology as the link between employers and employees and enabling more flexibility and freedom of movement.

Hybrid work allows companies to maintain social distancing protocols and even cut down on costs by downsizing workspaces. With employees working on a rotational basis, staff members either “book” a desk for the day or work to an allocated time schedule, going between the office and home.

For employers, that means fewer desks – and by association, less office space – are needed. So, for many companies, downsizing premises can save costs in the long-term. During the pandemic, mindsets changed. And where remote or partially remote working simply wouldn’t be an option before, many employers have now embraced it.

Will we ever return to the old ways of working? It’s probably unlikely. Offices may never be the same again. Hybrid and remote working models have helped cut down on COVID infection rates and overheads for organisations across the globe. That means bigger profits and more effective optimisation of resources, along with better employee satisfaction.

Every day is a new learning experience

The fourth industrial revolution is here. And technology has been the driving force that has kept the working world interacting and collaborating, even as the pandemic swept the globe.

At CZ Electronics, learning and adapting are integral to the fibre of innovation that keeps the company ahead of the curve in manufacturing. CZ management and teams on the ground prize agility and will always be prepared to move with the times, embracing new ways of working to move ahead.

CZ Electronics – Bringing Tomorrow Home.

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