Know your culture – Why there’s more to work than just the job

A sense of belonging is something that all humans crave. It is part of our inherent nature as a social species. As much as we all possess the built-in need for friendship and family, “belongingness” – particularly in the workplace, where we spend most of our waking lives – is undeniably important. And that belongingness is fuelled by company culture.

During the pandemic, more than ever, culture is in the spotlight. It is something that has always been of great value to the team at CZ Electronics and in this article, we discuss why culture, and the human connection, are such important values in the workplace.

 Defining company culture

Company culture is more than just a “vibe” in the office. It is the sum of all the values that make an organisation what it is, giving it its own “personal” identity – or personality. Culture gives employees a reason for coming to work every day. But if employees don’t quite see eye to eye with the company’s personality, they may not be quite as happy to go to work every day. Ultimately, employees’ satisfaction and motivation to work affects productivity, and this is why culture is so important.

When a company’s values are aligned with employees’ ideals, enthusiasm, trust and faith in the organisation’s ethos begats more effective people at work. While more hardened businesspeople may call culture a “soft” issue, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a fact: Culture affects your company’s bottom line.

Fostering collaboration

People don’t sign up to work for inhuman corporate entities. People work for people. Collaborative, positive interactions are at the core of effective company culture, fulfilling the need for belongingness and keeping staff coming back to work every day.

People are the heart of any business and the best way to keep that heart beating is culture. At CZ Electronics, we believe that our people are our very reason for being. They enable us to serve our partners with confidence and build trust – both internally and externally.

With culture entrenched as part of our everyday makeup, we hope to keep moving forward in the trues spirit of collaboration that defines us.

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